A Community Cornerstone

From Generation to Generation

From Generation to Generation

Shalom Memorial Begins

From its inception in the 1950’s Shalom Memorial has been focused on caring for our community.  Envisioned as a sanctuary, Shalom Memorial’s expansive cemetery sections were designed in the memorial park style to create an open and peaceful arboretum like setting.

Shalom Memorial Evolves

As the needs of the community changed, the Beth She’arim Mausoleum was originally built in the 1970’s to provide a meaningful option for families who prefer either indoor or outdoor entombment options.  Due to the popularity of the mausoleum option, additional expansions were added in the 1990’s and again in the 2010’s.

Shalom Memorial Grows

In 2001, the Shalom Memorial Funeral Home was established on the grounds of the cemetery making Shalom the only cemetery with a full-service funeral home and chapel on its grounds anywhere in our community.

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Shalom Community Care

Community Care

Beautiful Acres
Team Members
Families Helped

As the community’s choice, Shalom Memorial is honored to maintain affiliations with over are 50 Jewish congregations representing the Orthodox, Conservative, Traditional, and Reform communities.

Interfaith families are cared for with a myriad of meaningful resting place options located throughout ten beautiful Randhill Park cemetery sections.

Mother and Daughter - Shalom People First

People First

One Shalom ~ Two Purposes

Our first purpose is to honor and respect the wishes of those entrusted to our eternal care.  Our second purpose is to comfort the mourning loved ones and their community as they progress through the experiences of loss, mourning, grieving, and remembrance.

A Tradition of Care

Strip away the beautiful grounds and modern facilities and the real essence of Shalom Memorial is a caring team of consummate professionals.  Many of our staff, from grounds crew to management, have been with us for more than 30 years providing an unparalleled continuity of care.

Shalom Memorial Park

Sections Map

Each  Shalom Memorial Park Section is number and named. Within each section there are specific estates. Most estates contain four burial plots running from left to right from one through four. To locate a specific plot, you will need the Section Name, Estate Number, and Grave Space.

Beth She’arim

Mausoleum Map

Beth Shearim Mausoleum Map

There are four parts to the Beth She’arim Mausoleum. The original indoor mausoleum, the expansion indoor mausoleum, the outdoor mausoleum, indoor individual cremation niches, and the newest addition of outdoor companion cremation niches.

Randhill Park Cemetery

Full Cemetery Map

Randhill Park Cemetery features both Jewish and Interfaith sections to serve our diverse, dynamic community.

Sunset and Sinai Gardens

Mausoleum and Columbarium

Randhill Park Sunset Columbarium and Mausoleum

The Sunset Mausoleum and Columbarium are located within the greater Randhill Park cemetery grounds.

Randhill Park’s Sunset and Sinai Gardens offer options for both casketed entombments and cremation niches.

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