Religious Questions

For burial services held within any Shalom Memorial Park designated section, a recognized rabbi is required.

For burial services held within the other Randhill Park Cemetery sections, this requirement does not apply.

For families who don’t have a Rabbi, Shalom Memorial Funeral Home is able to make appropriate matches and can find the very best Rabbi to help lead services.

Yes, Shalom Memorial Park Cemetery has no restriction against tattoos.

While a non-Jewish spouse cannot be buried with a Shalom Memorial Park Cemetery section, they can be buried in the other Randhill Park Cemetery sections.

Jewish tradition calls for burials to be conducted without delay.  In modern parlance, this typically means that most burials occur within two to four days following a passing.

Yes.  Shalom Memorial Park Cemetery is proud to offer the burial of sacred texts as part of our genizah burial program.

Please call the main office at 847-255-3520 to arrange a time to deliver prayer books or sacred texts to the cemetery office for their inclusion in an upcoming genizah burial.

The background of this treatment of sacred texts comes from the Talmud.  In the Talmud it is written that sacred texts should be preserved in a place where they cannot be destroyed.  The common practice is that anything dealing with sacred texts should be placed in a genizah, either at the synagogue or at home, rather than simply thrown out.  From time to time, this collection of sacred texts is to be buried in a Jewish Cemetery.

Visiting Questions

The gate hours will vary based on the season.

Summer hours are typically from 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM

Winter hours are typically from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM

See the gate hours listed by day / time.

Typically, the office is open Sunday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM.

However the office is closed for both religious and secular holidays.

See a full list of office hours / dates.


During the summer months, fresh flowers are allowed to be placed.

During the winter months, artificial flowers can be placed.

Fresh flowers will remain at the gravesite until they wilt or until the grounds staff is scheduled to mow the lawn in that area.

Artificial flowers will remain throughout the winter season and will be removed in the spring.  Artificial flowers will not be saved or returned.

No, the planting of flowers, shrubs, or bushes is prohibited within the cemetery.

It is a tradition to place an object at the gravesite of a loved one and we encourage this practice.  However, because bronze memorials can be scratched or damaged when rocks are placed, please do not place stones on any bronze memorial.  Instead, please visit the office for a bronze safe remembrance token to be used instead of a scratching rock.

Burial Questions

It is the requirement of the cemetery that all burials be made in either an outer burial container or vault.  This requirement is to ensure that the ground that we walk upon when visiting a loved one or performing a funeral service remains level and safe for our visitors and staff.

Yes, if an individual looses a limb during their life, Shalom Memorial will bury the limb in the person’s plot.  At the time of passing, the individual can then be buried in the same plot.

Yes.  Each plot within the cemetery can serve as the final resting place for either a casketed burial or for the burial of cremated remains.  In certain circumstances, a plot may be used for both a casketed burial and the burial of cremated remains.

Yes, when burial rights are paid for in full, an easement deed is issued to all listed individuals in joint tenancy.

Shalom Memorial Park

Sections Map

Each  Shalom Memorial Park Section is number and named. Within each section there are specific estates. Most estates contain four burial plots running from left to right from one through four. To locate a specific plot, you will need the Section Name, Estate Number, and Grave Space.

Beth She’arim

Mausoleum Map

Beth Shearim Mausoleum Map

There are four parts to the Beth She’arim Mausoleum. The original indoor mausoleum, the expansion indoor mausoleum, the outdoor mausoleum, indoor individual cremation niches, and the newest addition of outdoor companion cremation niches.

Randhill Park Cemetery

Full Cemetery Map

Randhill Park Cemetery features both Jewish and Interfaith sections to serve our diverse, dynamic community.

Sunset and Sinai Gardens

Mausoleum and Columbarium

Randhill Park Sunset Columbarium and Mausoleum

The Sunset Mausoleum and Columbarium are located within the greater Randhill Park cemetery grounds.

Randhill Park’s Sunset and Sinai Gardens offer options for both casketed entombments and cremation niches.

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