A Modern Tradition

Legacy, Heritage, and Memory

Legacy, Heritage, and Memory

A Sanctuary of Love and Memory

A Sanctuary of Memory

Shalom Memorial’s Beth She’arim Mausoleum combines ancient tradition with contemporary knowledge and skill.  The original Beth She’arim Mausoleum was built into a grassy hillside where the greatest attention has been given to every detail.  The Mausoleum was expended to include both indoor and outdoor entombment options to meet the growing needs of our Chicagoland Jewish Community.

Beth She’arim Mausoleum

Beth She’arim

Crypt Options
Niche Options
Seat Chapel

As the community’s choice, Shalom Memorial is honored to maintain affiliations with over are 50 Jewish congregations representing the Orthodox, Conservative, Traditional, and Reform communities.

Interfaith families are cared for with a myriad of special options located in the Randhill Park Sunset Mausoleum and Sinai Columbarium.

Cemetery & Mausoleum Options For Every Need

Beauty and Comfort

The Beth She’arium Mausoleum stands as an elegant testament to lives well lived. Our memorial campus offers adjacent mausoleum and cemetery options to honor your family’s diverse final wishes. Whether you select traditional burial or cremation, Beth She’arim allows loved ones to pay tribute and share memories in an intimate environment. With timeless designs and warm finishes, the selection of the Beth She’arim means complete protection.

Entombment options include the right of burial, bronze lettering, bronze name plates, and perpetual care.  Additionally, entombment eliminates the need for a separately purchased burial vault.

Available Options

Located in both the original and new portions of the building, within the Beth She’arim Mausoleum there are a variety of options available.

These options include:

  • Individual Crypts
  • Side-By-Side Crypts
  • True Companion Crypts

All indoor crypts feature beautiful, natural granite fronts, bronze rosettes, bronze lettering, bronze dates of birth and passing, and a bronze scroll for additional terms of endearment.

On the exterior wall of the new Beth She’arim building, there are crypt options that are facing an outdoor courtyard.

The outdoor portion of the mausoleum includes:

  • Individual Crypts
  • True Companion Crypts

The outdoor crypts feature beautiful, natural granite fronts, bronze rosettes, bronze lettering, bronze dates of birth and passing, and a bronze scroll for additional terms of endearment.

Within the new building, there is a columbarium wall for the entombment of cremated remains.

The inside cremation niche options are designed to honor a individuals in their own dedicated niche.

All interior cremation niches feature beautiful, natural granite fronts, bronze rosettes, and a bronze name plate.

The newest addition to the Beth She’arim Mausoleum is the front cremation courtyard.  The outdoor courtyard features a columbarium designed to serve as the resting place for either individuals or for spouses to be at rest together.

The courtyard cremation niches feature beautiful granite fronts, bronze rosettes, and large bronze name plates which provide amply room for terms of endearment and memorial epitaphs.



Courtyard Companion Niches

Interior Individual Niches

Bronze Memorial Plates

Shalom Memorial Park

Sections Map

Each  Shalom Memorial Park Section is number and named. Within each section there are specific estates. Most estates contain four burial plots running from left to right from one through four. To locate a specific plot, you will need the Section Name, Estate Number, and Grave Space.

Beth She’arim

Mausoleum Map

Beth Shearim Mausoleum Map

There are four parts to the Beth She’arim Mausoleum. The original indoor mausoleum, the expansion indoor mausoleum, the outdoor mausoleum, indoor individual cremation niches, and the newest addition of outdoor companion cremation niches.

Randhill Park Cemetery

Full Cemetery Map

Randhill Park Cemetery features both Jewish and Interfaith sections to serve our diverse, dynamic community.

Sunset and Sinai Gardens

Mausoleum and Columbarium

Randhill Park Sunset Columbarium and Mausoleum

The Sunset Mausoleum and Columbarium are located within the greater Randhill Park cemetery grounds.

Randhill Park’s Sunset and Sinai Gardens offer options for both casketed entombments and cremation niches.

A New Tradition

Our beautiful Beth She’arim Mausoleum offers families an alternative to traditional ground burial plots.  By having a loved one at rest within the Beth She’arim Mausoleum the environment is controlled to be clean and dry throughout the entire year.  This allows for visitation, services, and dedications to be held at anytime throughout the year.

Shalom Memorial