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With kindness, caring and compassion.

With kindness and compassion.

Honoring Life.

Cherishing Memory.

Honoring Life. Cherishing Memory.

Shalom Memorial Jewish  Funeral Home provides full-service funeral home services including the on-site care of loved ones, a modern funeral service chapel, a private family room, shomer’s quarters, on-site tahara, and comfortable arrangement facilities.

The state of the art funeral home features an elegant and modern chapel with multiple seating configurations allowing for seating for either 125 or 300.

The Shalom Memorial Funeral Home staff is able to assist with a passing, day or night, and can coordinate all aspects of the funeral and burial services.

Shalom Memorial Jewish Funeral Home

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Shalom Memorial Funeral Home is able to help with services in any Chicagoland location;

in our chapel, at the graveside, in the synagogue, or in any other memorial venue.

Complete Funeral Care

For Peace of Mind

For Peace of Mind

Better Together, Easier Together

Better Together

Shalom Memorial’s warm and comforting Jewish funeral home was established in 2005 and on the grounds of Shalom Memorial Park.

By offering both Jewish funeral home services and Jewish cemetery services in one location helps families simplify a difficult time.   Being together enables Shalom to be able to provide a level of integrated care that surpasses what would otherwise be possible.

Having funeral services together on the grounds of the cemetery means that the experience on the day of a death is less chaotic and less overwhelming, allowing more time with loved ones and less time spent on travel and logistics.

Available Service Types

Services may be held in the Shalom Memorial Funeral Home chapel.  The chapel can be configured for larger or smaller service sizes to ensure all services are appropriate for the community of mourners.

Services may be held in the intimate Family Gathering Chapel.  The Family Gathering Chapel place, located with the Shalom Memorial Funeral Home, is designed for more intimate service sizes to ensure all services are appropriate for the community of mourners.

Funeral services may be held entirely at the graveside with tent, chairs, and podium.  Shalom Memorial Funeral Home is able to live stream graveside services to family and friends unable to be in attendance.

Funeral Services are able to held entirely at the crypt or niche side.  The Beth She’arim Mausoleum features both an interior seating area and an outside courtyard which can be used for full funeral service.

Many synagogues in our community will allow for congregants to have funeral services held in their synagogue chapel.  Shalom Memorial Funeral Home works with synagogue clergy and administrators to hold conduct funeral services in accordance to each congregation’s parameters.

For those families who select cremation as the most appropriate type of care, Shalom Memorial Funeral Home directs memorial services within the Shalom Memorial Funeral Home chapel.

Following memorial services, the urn can be buried with the cemetery, entombed within a cemetery niche, or returned to the family for their care and placement at home.

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Shalom Memorial Funeral Home

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Our role is to guide families through the life-cycle experiences surrounding loss, grief, and mourning with respect, compassion and care.

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