Shalom Means Peace

Serving the Chicago-area Jewish Community for Over 65 Years

Legacy, Heritage, and Connection

A Sanctuary of Love and Memory

A Sanctuary of Memory

Designed in the memorial park movement featuring lawn level memorialization, the Shalom Memorial Park Cemetery Sections are located in Arlington Heights, IL, and proudly serve the Jewish communities of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The grounds are open, manicured spaces to be a comfortable, meditative place suited for reflection, visitation and prayer.  We are committed to sustaining a loving memory when one comes to pay respects over the individual memorials for those they have loved.

Shalom Memorial Park Jewish Cemetery

Shalom Memorial

Jewish Cemetery

Beautiful Acres
Family Gardens

As the community’s choice, Shalom Memorial is honored to maintain affiliations with over are 50 Jewish congregations representing the Orthodox, Conservative, Traditional, and Reform communities.

Interfaith families are cared for with a myriad of meaningful resting place options located throughout ten beautiful Randhill Park cemetery sections.

Honoring Meaningful Lives

Unique Care for Unique People

Just as those entrusted to our care are unique individuals, each resting place is unique with its own feeling and character.

Traditional burial sections may feature works of art, dedicated family gardens, ponds, mature trees, or wide-open spaces.

Some sections of the cemetery are mature featuring full grown trees and shrubbery.  Some sections are newer with saplings and abundant new growth.  Some sections are easily accessible along the exterior ring of the park.  Some sections are peaceful and secluded within the cemetery interior.

For each family, for each need, Shalom Memorial strives to offer the most appropriate option.

Available Options

Shalom Memorial Park cemetery offers traditional burial plots in over 20 different sections of the cemetery.  Within the Shalom Memorial Park Cemetery areas there are sections designated for those of the Jewish Faith and special areas for those Orthodox members of the community.

For interfaith families, other Randhill Park Cemetery sections offer meaningful options within ten sections on the same cemetery grounds.

Families desiring special places for their families may choose a Private Family Garden.  Each garden is separated from the rest of the burial grounds by evergreen shrubbery.  Many private family gardens feature a granite bench with the family name appearing on a bronze name plate.

Beth She’arim Mausoleum The Return to a Tradition

Shalom Memorial’s Beth She’arim Mausoleum combines ancient tradition with contemporary knowledge and skill.  We have designed a building set into a grassy hillside. Where the greatest attention has been given to every detail.

The Beth She’arim Mausoleum features both full crypts for casketed entombments as well as special niches for cremated remains.

menora Temperature Controlled Public Mausoleum Allows for Year-Round Visitation

menora Dedication at Any Time of the Year

menora Includes Bronze Memorialization

menora Eliminates the Need for a Burial Vault

Establish a legacy that will last for generations with the majestic grandeur that only a Private Family Estate Mausoleum can offer.

By investing in this tribute, you can capture your family’s story through elegant designs, sophisticated finishes and meticulous landscaping that provide a prestigious place of remembrance and a legacy that stands the test of time.

Estate options are available for two to sixteen individuals.




Migdal Tower of Remembrance at Shalom Memorial Park

Tower of Remembrance

Twelve Tribes Mosaics

Congregational Areas

Flowering Trees

Willow Lined Pond at Shalom Memorial Park Cemetery

Willow Lined Pond

Shalom Memorial Park

Sections Map

Each  Shalom Memorial Park Section is number and named. Within each section there are specific estates. Most estates contain four burial plots running from left to right from one through four. To locate a specific plot, you will need the Section Name, Estate Number, and Grave Space.

Beth She’arim

Mausoleum Map

Beth Shearim Mausoleum Map

There are four parts to the Beth She’arim Mausoleum. The original indoor mausoleum, the expansion indoor mausoleum, the outdoor mausoleum, indoor individual cremation niches, and the newest addition of outdoor companion cremation niches.

Randhill Park Cemetery

Full Cemetery Map

Randhill Park Cemetery features both Jewish and Interfaith sections to serve our diverse, dynamic community.

Sunset and Sinai Gardens

Mausoleum and Columbarium

Randhill Park Sunset Columbarium and Mausoleum

The Sunset Mausoleum and Columbarium are located within the greater Randhill Park cemetery grounds.

Randhill Park’s Sunset and Sinai Gardens offer options for both casketed entombments and cremation niches.

The Manner In Which We Care

There is a quote which I so appreciate offered by Sir William Gladstone, “Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercy of its people, their respect for the laws of the land and their loyalty to high ideals.”

Shalom Memorial Jewish Cemetery